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Floral Foam & Decorative Flowers & Wreaths
- May 09, 2017 -

Foam Flower Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Material:Resin

  • Type:Flower

  • Usage:Wedding Layout

  • Customized:Customized

Foam Flower Product Description
In 23 * 11 * 8 cm/piece of floral foam quality standards:
1. An open-celled phenolic foam that readily absorbs water and is used as a base for flower arrangements.
2. Foliage green in color.
3.Density: 25KG/M³
4.Water absorption time: ABT. 1 minute (60 secs)
5.Dry brick weight: 45g(+/- 3g)
6.Wet brick weight: 2000g (+/- 15g)
7.Water drainage / leakage: 0g
8.Cell Structure: Fine
9.Brown water: No
10.PH level: PH 5.8-6.5

11.Water retain period: 7 days & above (Depend on the local climate)

Floral Foam & Decorative Flowers & Wreaths