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Home Diffusers for Essential Oils with Rattan Ball
- Nov 25, 2017 -

Home Diffusers for Essential Oils with Rattan Ball Basic Info

  • Model NO.: GYRS

  • Type: Decoration

  • Usage: Decoration

  • Color: Color

  • Rattan OEM: Accept Customer Sample

  • Set: Gift Set

  • Shipping: by Sea,Air,Express

  • Rattan Specification: CE, Rhos, SGS

  • HS Code: 14012000

  • Material: Ceramic

  • Suitable for: Universal

  • Rattan Style: Business

  • Customized: Customized

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • MOQ: Normally 50000PCS

  • Rattan Export Markets: Globe

  • Transport Package: Customized Package

  • Origin: Guangdong

Home Diffusers for Essential Oils with Rattan Ball Product Description

About Reed Diffuser

  1. Reeds
    The reeds last for a long time, but need to be changed each time you change the fragrance oil in your diffuser. If you utilize an old one then you will be merging scents. These products are accessible in packs because you need to use more then on reed for each diffuser.

  2. Diffuser Container
    The diffuser is the small to standard sized jar or flask that holds the reeds in place and contains the fragrance oil. The reeds soak up oils and then slowly disperse them into the air thus creating and spreading the sweet aromas you want.

  3. Reed diffuser oils
    The fame of the use of essential oils to refresh your homes and business alike has created a complete new world of variety in scents. This method of releasing oil scents into the air is a new and very practical way to revive the interior of your home and reed diffuser and oils are now one of the most famous and trendy ways that people are using to make an aromatic environment. The procedure behind oils and reed diffuser is very easy. The reeds are instilled with essential oil aromas.

  4. Home Diffusers for Essential Oils with Rattan Ball Packaging & Delivery


    1.Packaging: can customize,depends on QTY,if no special requirements,then will ship with neutral packing

    2.Delivery time: 25 --- 30 working days

    3.shipping:by Sea, by air or Express (DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS), ems,etc.

    Payment Terms

    Payment: T/T, Western Union,PayPal; 50% deposits; 50% balance before deliverying.
    Packaging Detail: gift box, blister box, PE bag, can be done as customers'requirement.
    Delivery Time: 25-30 days
    MOQ: 1000 pcs
    IF small order will by full payment


    We accept customer sample and customer packing design,this is the point we main do,we try to open bottle model customer offered and send sample for customer checking,before place order.

    Why us?
    Top quality & best price rattan sticks (diffuser reeds) in China
    Made of premium rattan
    SGS REACH Certificate

    The quality of diffuser reeds (rattan sticks) is quite important to the effect of reed diffusers.

    We are the most professional manufacturer of diffuser reeds(rattan sticks) in China. Our diffuser reeds(rattan sticks) are made of premium rattan; We use precise automatic cutter to cut rattan into different sizes of diffuser reeds (rattan sticks) to assure the exactly round incision of each piece of our diffuser reeds and the excellent diffusible property. Strict anti-mildew and anti-insect process assure exactly no mildew and insect free of our diffuser reeds.

    1. Diameter of rattan sticks: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm or any diameter requested;
    2. Length of rattan sticks: Any length requested;
    3. Packing of rattan sticks: 6, 7, 8, 10, 12pcs per bundle, bundled by clear tape, or wrapped by kraft;
    4. Type of rattan sticks: Natural, bleached, dyed;
    5. Style of rattan sticks: Straight, curly, decorated with wood balls or flowers etc.

    Colored rattan sticks is our advantage product. Only high quality reactive dyes are used in our dyeing process, to assure absolutely no bleeding in the diffuser oils. We are able to dye exactly the same color according to Pantone Color Card No. / PMS No.


What are reed diffusers and how do they work ?

Reed diffusers are the hottest trend right now in home fragrancing ! Rattan reeds are inserted into a glass bottle or glass jar of scented diffuser oil.

Each rattan reed contains about 20 "channels" that run the entire length of the reed. Much like "mini-straws", these channels "suck" the oil to the top of the reeds. The scent is then naturally dispersed into the air through evaporation- leaving your home smelling wonderful !

Unlike candles, reed diffusers are flame free and do not require any heat. They disperse scent into the air naturally. No flame means no soot and more importantly, no risk of fire ! This makes reed diffusers safer for your home, office, classroom, etc.

Are your reeds bamboo or rattan ?

Our reeds are premium quality RATTAN reeds. There is a lot of misinformation on the web about reeds. Reeds are not bamboo. Perhaps people confuse rattan reeds with bamboo as rattan reeds look somewhat similar to bamboo skewers. However, bamboo reeds or chutes would not work as they do not contain the channels for the oils to wick (travel) up. Bamboo contains "nodes" which block liquid from wicking (traveling) up and scenting the air.

What should I do if the scent stops diffusing ?

Flip the reeds over in the bottle exposing the "wet" ends to the air. If the reeds have permanently stopped diffusing (due to clogging with dust for example) then simply replace them with new reeds.

How many reeds should I put in a bottle ?

It is a matter of preference really. More reeds diffuse more scent. We usually put between 6 and 10 reeds in a bottle.

Are any of your bases or fragrances tested on animals ?

Absolutely not. None of our products are tested on animals.

Are reed diffusers green/ecofriendly ?

Our reed diffusers are environmentally friendly. Reed diffusers, unlike candles, emanate no soot. Also, our reed diffusers are made for the USA without DPG, alcohol or other harsh chemical surfactants.

How full should I fill my reed diffuser bottle ?

Some suggest halfway and others suggest 3/4 full. We suggest filling your glass bottle 3/4 of the way full. That's how we have them in our own houses.

Can I color my reed diffuser oil ?

Yes ! You sure can. Adding a few drops of food coloring can be very aesthetically pleasing and can match your decor or give it that "pop" of color. The color will travel up the reeds just as the oil will. It's a great way to visually see your diffuser working. Only add a few drops though. Adding too much color can slow the diffusion process or clog the reeds. We recommend no more than 5 drops per 8 oz. bottle of reed diffuser oil.

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