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Huiya Eternal Life Flowers Floral Foam
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Eternal Life Flowers Floral Foam Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:HY1008

  • Material:Resin

  • Usage:Wedding Layout

  • Style:Decorative Flowers & Wreaths

  • Color:Green

  • Size:23*11*8cm

  • Customized:Customized

Eternal Life Flowers Floral FoamProduct Description

Product Description
Our company specilizes in providing various size of floral foam and floral foam production line.
Our main business range includes:
Floral foam Machines & Technology;
Chemical materials for making floral foam;
Various size of floral foam.    
Product Description
  WET FLORAL FOAM (For Fresh Flowers)
1. An open-celled phenolic foam that readily absorbs water and is used as a base for flower arrangements.
2. Foliage green in color.
3. Holds about 40 times its weight in water.
11X11X 8CM
7.8 X 7.6X 6.4CM
55 X 32 X 46CM
46 X 11 X 8CM
Premium wet floral foam are available in customized shapes and sizes for your choice.
Density: 11~ 14 lbs / sq. Inch
Water absorption time: ABT. 1 minute (60 secs)
Dry brick weight: 45g(+/- 3g)
Wet brick weight:1995- 2000g (+/- 15g)
Water drainage / leakage: 0g
Cell Structure: Fine
Brown water: No
PH level: PH 5.5-6(can customized)
Water retain period: 7-15 days & above (Depend on the local climate)    Welcome to your inquiry.

Quick Details
  Huiya Eternal Life Flowers Floral Foam Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:
carton 57x34x25cm
Delivery Detail:7 days

Type: Decorative Flowers & Wreaths
Occasion: Wedding
Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Huiya
Model Number: HY-1008
Raw material composition: Phenolic foaming process
color: green
PH level: PH 5.5-6(can customized)
Density: 11~ 14 lbs / sq. Inch
Water retain period: 7-15 days & above (Depend on the local climate)
Water absorption time: ABT. 1 minute (60 secs)
Dry brick weight: 45g(+/- 3g)
Wet brick weight:: 1995- 2000g (+/- 15g)