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Multi - Meat Plant Garland
- May 27, 2017 -

The first material of the rosette is spent. The Garland is the Garland because its material is made of flowers. Now there are many materials such as: paper, cloth and so on.

First, the material preparation:

1, Garland: Figure garland diameter 30CM, the size can be selected according to their own preferences. Can be purchased through Taobao, or the use of the old electric fans of the reformation, wire and aluminum system.

2, the material: the use of "dry water moss" instead of providing nutrients to the soil. Water moss water-saving effect is good, and can be well fixed on the garland, to the garland on the meat plant to provide enough water. Can be bought on Taobao.

3, more meat plants: because the need for the variety and quantity are more, through Taobao buy is a good choice. The general flower market is too small, the selectivity is very narrow Should pay attention to not in the winter and summer to buy, more meat plant special growth habits, will sleep in these two seasons, the state is very poor, this time online shopping is easy to flesh and blood caused fatal injuries.

4, gardening tools: small tweezers, mainly used for multi-meat plants and water moss fixed on the garland.

In the selection of more meat plants on the same subject to the same subjects Sedum plants, the family is characterized by many: colorful, habit easy to manage, plant shape is more stable, easy to deformation and so on. And most of them are some of the more common varieties, the price is relatively cheap. Each color selection 5-6 trees, a total of 50 or so can be completed with a diameter of 30CM multi-carved Garland. In fact, we can find in the production process, Garland like a palette, like a variety of different colors together.

Recommended hue:

Yellow: Huang Li, Ming month, golden flowers month

Blue: blue loose

Red: Ji Long month

Black: Black Prince

White: white peony, frost of the DPRK, Lina lotus, Lu stone lotus, star beauty

Pink: Gian Wa Lian, spend the moonlight

Red Purple: Pink Taiwan Pavilion, purple Wu possession

Green: if poetry, bright stars beauty

Which can also add some very Meng, with fluffy meat: Jinxiong Star, velveteen, rabbit, black rabbit ears, etc.

There are some forms of mini flesh, used to embellish the entire garland: Tasong, if green and so on

These beautiful fleshy is not stained, all the colors are naturally produced by the plants. And most of the growth of meat are relatively fixed, in the form will not have much change on the overall shape of the garland will not be affected ~ is also very easy to manage, management is basically a year or so will always maintain this beautiful color And the shape of oh ~