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Selection Of Artificial Flowers To Light Home Dress Up
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Purple lavender, red tulips ... ... One strain of realistic-looking artificial flowers attracted the attention of the customer. New year is coming, many people planning to decorate a new home, prices are cheap and easy to take care of artificial flowers sales look good.

Reporter see many simulation spent of store, Peony, and plum, and peach, and tulip, and Orchid,, flowers, has height simulation of, also has art of of, according to introduced currently market Shang simulation spent points two paragraph, a paragraph simulation spent simulation degrees very high, far see will thought is really spent, fresh crisp; another a is with powder and flash powder of spent, more continental, is magnificent.

Reporter learned that, before the arrival of the new year, sales of artificial flowers has gone up about 3-5 times. But not every home style is suitable for a variety of flowers, home d├ęcor is a European-style, you can choose golden flowers.