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The Origins Of Artificial Flowers
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Going back in history, artificial flowers at least has more than 1300 years history in China, legend has it that Emperor Xuanzong's favorite concubine Yang Guifei, a scar on his left temple, let the ladies every day picking flowers worn on the temples, but in the winter, flowers have faded. A handy maids made with ribbed, silk flowers to Yang. Later, this "head flower" to the civil, and gradually developed into a unique style of craft "artificial flowers".

In Qing dynasty, Beijing famous artists making of silk flower had in Panama Universal Expo Shang award, now varieties has by original of dozens of species development to more than 2000 more species, has plays spent, and spent article, and basket, and bonsai, Yuan in Ming and Qing dynasties yilai, Beijing development for silk spent making Center, so, silk spent also called "Beijing flowers", Beijing famous of flower market street is because processing "Beijing flowers" of distribution center and named.